About AW Consulting

Acting as a freelance consultant, AW Consulting is extremely well positioned to provide the right balance of looking ahead and taking the necessary steps forward to launch or grow your business abroad.

When dealing with clients, AW Consulting sets itself very high standards and is always flexible and quick to respond to clients' concerns, questions and needs.

AW Consulting provides you with the resources to investigate and find new trade opportunities and partners overseas taking away the stress and risk you would typically associate with growing a business abroard.

About Anna Walmsley

Anna has a joint BA honours in Management and Spanish from the University of Leeds. Anna's international background, having lived in Latin America (Chile), Spain, the UK, and now in France, helps her to provide her clients with the multicultural and international focus needed when trying to access foreign markets. She is fluent in French, Spanish, Catalan and English.

Anna has worked in Sales, Marketing and Customer Care roles for start-ups, SMEs and large scale companies. Prior to moving to France, Anna worked as a Senior PA to the two Managing directors of a German Multinational Company situated situated in Barcelona.

Training and Education:

Born in Rustington, England with a joint BA honours in Management and Spanish from the University of Leeds. Ten years international experience: UK, Latin America, Spain (Barcelona, Madrid) and France.

A skilled professional with a diverse global background, Anna Walmsley has the international expertise needed when developing and looking to export your activity overseas.

AW Consulting has extensive networks in France, Spain and the UK

On the AGM, secretary for FABNetworks, South France. 'French Anglo Business' an association made up of people with business interests in the Pyrénées Orientales who meet once a month to network, exchange ideas, refer business to each other and to organise events to promote the area and/ or businesses.

Active member for British International Business Network Toulouse, France

AW Consulting is an active member and has given presentations to its members concerning common day-to-day issues and queries faced by start-ups and SMEs.

AW Consulting is a memeber of, or participates in, the following groups and networking events

  • CCIR Languedoc- Roussillon
  • CCI Montpellier
  • CCI Perpignan
  • CCI Carcassonne
  • Suddefrance.com
  • Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
  • Franco British Chamber of Commerce
  • Ireland France Chamber of Commerce

Further events where AW Consulting has an active role

AW Consulting coordinates Languedoc Jelly co-working in the Pyrénées Orientals. Jelly is a casual social co-working event the social gathering of a group of people, who are still working independently, but who share values and who are interested in the synergy. Jelly helps that happen by bringing these people together in the same space.

FAB networks COlunching events

AW Consulting coordinates these events through colunching.com. The perfect excuse for a real meal and good company in order to develop a a social or professional network.

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