AW Consulting is fully aware the unknown is one of the biggest obstacles faced when trying to exploit or develop your product or service overseas. AW Consulting provides all of its clients with a personalised one-to-one service that is readily available with advice and linguistic assistance at all times.

AW Consulting will help you to get started by helping to identify the target markets where your business can succeed. Helping to save time and money by pinpointing potential markets, customers and geographical areas for possible growth.

Linguistic Services

  • Interpretation and Translation (English, French, Spanish and Catalan)
  • Organise and/or accompany you to key meetings
  • Translate your website/marketing material

Exhibition Support

Attend trade fairs to promote your products and services

Organise Receptions, Meetings and Seminars

Support in organising international events and travel logistics

Networking Events

Network links with the Chamber of Commerce, companies and their customers both locally and globally. Actively supporting and marketing your business development trade, building in your networking connections.

Development Services

  • Local help and advice for your business
  • Where to find advice and support
  • Preparing business plans/benefits of expanding overseas
  • Conducting Market Research to identify your potential area
  • Organising Sales and Marketing Campaigns
  • Product Development

Identify Potential Business Contacts and or Partners

  • Q&A Sessions and networking
  • Overseas business growth and accessing new markets

Local Market Introductions

Pre-visit, Briefing and Appointment making.

This all looks Great, how can I get started?

Do you have a project and think AW Consulting can help? Are you curious about some of the services we offer? Would you just like to ask a Question? The good news is the next step is simple:

  • Contact Anna at aw@annawalmsleyconsulting.com or +33 659488786
  • Arrange an initial face-to-face meeting or organize an informal Skype chat (annawalmsley).
  • AW Consulting provides a FREE initial consultation where we can answer any questions you may have and advice you how to work through the necessary development steps to achieve your objective in mind.

AW Consulting has the language skills, connections and is 'insitu' giving businesses the support and cultural awareness they need to set up and expand easily.

Taking your business overseas will offer you many opportunities to move into new markets, increase your customer base and expand your business operations.

AW Consulting provides accessible payment options with rates ranging from hourly, daily or per mission.

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